Tinted windows are a popular addition for many car owners, but they provide much more than just a clean look. Our carbon fiber window films from SunTek offer:

  • Heat rejection

  • UV ray protection, reducing interior fading

  • Glare reduction

  • A complete in-stock product line with a variety of shades and colors

  • A lifetime warranty on both the film and the labor

Your film will be meticulously installed by our certified technician, but if it does start to peel or fade, bring your vehicle back to us and we will repair it free of charge. Call or visit today to review pricing and options for our window tinting services.


All Cars pictured tinted with SunTek Window film

Our Partner


SunTek WIndow Films

SunTek Window Films is an industry leader in window films and tinting services. Offering a variety of shades and colors to match the latest factory tints, SunTek stays at the cutting edge of style and innovation.

With SunTek’s wide product range, we are also able to offer paint protection and residential/commercial services. For those looking to keep their car’s paint looking clean, SunTek’s PPF product line offers protection from rocks, dirt, insects, and other road debri. And if you want to reduce the glare and heat in your home or business, SunTek’s architectural films offer quality and reliability at a lower price than industry competitors.