Dreamworks offers a variety of functional and performance-enhancing accessories to give your car the upgrade that you’ve always wanted.

Add-on Accessories

·     Floor mats from WeatherTech and Huskey Liners, contoured to fit your vehicle

·     Vent shades to keep rain out and let fresh air in

Truck Accessories

·     Bull bars and grill guards to protect the front of your vehicle

·    Running boards, nerf bars and power steps for those high-riding trucks

·     Bed rails, bed liners and tailgate protectors to keep the back looking clean

Performance accessories

·     Power programmers for increased horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency

·     Cold air intakes to keep that engine humming

·     Exhaust systems for added style and substance

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WeatherTech is a global automotive accessory dealership, specializing in products designed to protect your vehicle from the harmful effects of mother nature.

● FloorLiners are laser measured to ensure a perfect fit for your vehicle. Their high-density material and      contoured design ensure debris stays off your shoes and clothes.

● All-Weather Floor Mats are custom, flexible mats that are designed to cope with any weather in any      temperature. Their sculpted channels trap water, mud, and other unwanted elements to keep the floor        of your vehicle looking fresh.

● Cargo/Truck Liners are custom made, laser fit mats with a raised lip to ensure the inside of your trunk     or truck bed stays clean.

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