Odell Beckham Jr Rolls Royce Wraith


Odell Beckham Jr is one of the most exciting players in the NFL and also one of the most dynamic personalities to come into the league in years. He is a trendsetter off the field in the fashion world, never afraid to take chances with his style. We are glad to see that his great taste in fashion has translated into his cars. This is Odell Beckham Jr’s Rolls Royce Wraith that has been very tastefully customized by Dreamworks Motorsports.


OBJ's Rolls Royce has the perfect stance, lowered enough so the big wheels don’t create too much of a gap in the fenders. It also looks like the stance is squatted just a bit in the rear.

Also love how the emblems and door handles are all painted rose gold to match the rose gold wheels

January 2017

Not only does the 23 year old have three titles on the young season -- as well as claiming the PGA Tour 72-hole scoring record and becoming one of just seven players to fire a sub-60 round -- there's also the matter of Thomas' bank account. Chiefly, that it looks like he held up a Brink's armored truck. In only five events, Thomas has earned a staggering $3.8 million. For context, only 15 players collected more than that amount all of last season. So Thomas did what any normal person would do in such a situation: he pulled the trigger on a custom Range Rover.

Now accepting all requests to drive people places 💯 Thanks @dreamworksmotorsports for the sick ride!

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January 2017

If you tuned into some PGA Tour golf at any point over the last two weeks, there's a good chance you saw Justin Thomas' name at the top of the leaderboard. After winning both the Tournament of Champions and then the Sony Open in Hawaii in record fashion, Thomas made the trek back home to Florida and treated himself to a new car. So what kind of vehicle do you go with when you've cashed more than $2 million in prize money over the last two weeks? Just your run-of-the-mill custom Range Rover.

Results are in for Retailers of the Year & Installers of the Year

Mobile Electronics Industry Awards nominates Dreamworks Motorsports as a Top 50 Retailer of 2016 and an Top 50 Installer of 2016. After two weeks of consumer and industry voting, the boys from Roxboro, NC rounded out the Top 10 for Retailers of the Year (single location) and Installation Manager, Jonathan Moore finished 22nd in Installers of the Year. This was their first year as a nominee, and now they're in the new 32,000 square foot facility - it's pretty evident, they're here to stay.

Mobile Electronics #22 Installer of 2016 Jonathan Moore is the Installation Manager at Dreamworks Motorsports in Roxboro, NC. He has 16 years of experience in car audio, fabrication, and mobile electronics. John has been selected as a Top 50 Installer by Mobile Electronics!


Dreamworks Motorsports in Roxboro, North Carolina, has been conjuring up custom creations for years, and this ’71 Chevelle SS may just be their crown jewel.

Dreamworks Motorsports in Roxboro, North Carolina, has been conjuring up custom creations for years, and this ’71 Chevelle SS may just be their crown jewel. Completed in roughly 10 months, the crew at Dreamworks had a simple goal: to build a custom Chevelle with gobs of horsepower that would appeal to every crowd. As Dreamworks’ head honcho, Adam Wolfe, explains, it all comes down to the details. “It’s down to us hand-bending all the brake lines and then taking them back off to get chromed,” explains Adam. “And everything was chromed—every bolt, bracket, even the springs in the carburetor—everything!” And Adam will attest that this ruby rocket is far from a trailer queen as it hits the street on the regular. “It’s a driver,” says Adam. “We’ve put almost 4,000 miles on it since we built it.” The hard work has clearly paid off with the original goal being reached in spades, pleasing anyone who comes in contact with the ride. “We just wanted our own style, something clean that everybody can respect,” says Adam. “Not saying it’s the best ever, but I haven’t seen any custom Chevelles that compare to it.”

Eric Ebron looks good in Honolulu blue, but red is not a bad color, either, for the Lions’ rookie tight end.

Ebron ordered a customized red 2014 Dodge Challenger from Dreamworks Motorsports of Roxboro, N.C., and last week was introduced to his new ride.

The Challenger has an “Eric Ebron” logo in the trunk, 24-inch custom-painted wheels and twin 12-inch speakers, among other delightful features.

With a $7.2 million signing bonus in his pocket, Ebron can afford it.

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While these modifications are still far from widespread, the boutique garages that do this work say they're seeing more customers with expensive cars, and they're asking for pricier modifications. Dreamworks Motorsports of Roxboro, N.C., says it's moved beyond installing CD players in pickup trucks to modifying high-end cars by Mercedes and Bentley. Los Angeles-based customizer CEC Showroom says it's accessorizing 35 cars a month -- up from 15 two years ago -- with the average job cost nearly doubling to $12,500. 

Dreamworks started out as a small-town stereo shop in 1996 that has since “evolved into a full-fledged custom car boutique.” Just about anything with a motor is fair game for the crew here: Cars, motorcycles, even boats. Dreamworks’ client list also includes Clippers point guard Chris Paul and NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon.

COMPLEX - 2007
Competitors would like to steal is Dreamworks Motorsports' client list: Chris Paul, Antwan Jamison and Jeff Gordon. All three have taken advantage of the shop's custom paint jobs, restoration, performance and aesthetic improvements.


DUB MAGAZINE - February 2009

It’s the little things in life that count, which is what Dreamworks Motorsports owner Adam Wolfe, 31, bases his business on. “It’s the small touches that we add to every car and the one-on-one relationships that we build with each customer that sets us apart from our competition,” he says in a Southern accent.

Located in the small community of Roxboro, North Carolina, Wolfe decided to open his own customization shop because the closet one was more than an hour away. Filling the void of the nonexistent customization scene in Roxboro, Wolfe opened the first version of Dreamworks when he was 18 in an old gas station that was no more than 1,000 square-feet back in 1996. He first started out small, installing stereo systems and the like.

Chris Paul Interview

IGN.com - NOVEMBER 2005

IGN Sports: What's the first thing you went out and bought after the draft?

Chris Paul: "Actually, I bought a car, a BMW 750Li, but I got it before the draft. I got it all customized by this guy Adam from Dreamworks Motorsports out in North Carolina. He did my car, Raymond Felton's car, and Rashad McCants' car. I didn't go too crazy, though. All I got was a DVD player, 22-inch rims, and the initials CP3 in there."

Rolling Skyscrapers on Display at the April 7-10 Food Lion AutoFair


The amount of time and money required to build a skyscraper depends on how high the owner wants his car to ride. According to Benji Gault of Dreamworks Motorsports, a customizing shop in Roxboro, N.C., that has been building donks, boxes and bubbles since 2001, some vehicles can be jacked up with minimal suspension upgrades. Dreamworks Motorsports is coordinating a special skyscraper display for the April 7-10 Food Lion AutoFair at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

“Every car is different,” Gault said. “A lot of our customers start by putting $6,000 to $10,000 into a set of 24- or 28-inch wheels, then add our standard five-inch lift to raise the car. A typical box has maybe $15,000 in its conversion before any other changes the owner might want to make. If he wants to go higher, that involves a lot more fabrication to make the suspension and rear axle function right. Anything up to five inches usually doesn’t require a driveshaft change.”