Odell Beckham Jr. has a new team, a new city, a new car. But will it be a true fresh start for OBJ, or will controversy continue to follow him? We sat down with the NFL's electric wide receiver—and he opened up like he never has before.

You’d think Sunset Boulevard would be hard to impress at this point. But judging by the people scrambling for their phones and mouthing expletives as we drove by, they’d apparently never seen a Rolls-Royce quite like Odell Beckham Jr.’s before. The color, for starters, is an orange that’s somewhere between electric tangerine and Snooki. The rims, blacked out, are massive. Like, manhole-cover massive. And the sound system was loud enough to fill the Comedy Store’s lobby with Lil Baby’s “Drip Too Hard” while we waited for a light to change. But no feature on the car turned heads like the hood ornament: a chrome figurine of The Catch.

Odell refers to The Catch as though it’s a universally consequential event. Like the big bang. But in case it didn’t sear into your brain the way it did for some, he’s referring to his second-quarter reception in the New York Giants’ November 2014 Sunday Night Football game against the Dallas Cowboys. The play where Odell, levitating faceup and fully stretched out, caught the ball with less surface area of his fingertips than it takes to unlock an iPhone. The announcer called it an absolutely impossible catch. Many others would agree. The Catch might not have actually changed the world, but it changed Odell’s life. And now his life is changing all over again.
— GQ Magazine

Behind the scenes at Super Bowl 53 in ATL where OBJ surprised his mom with a new Mercedes-Benz G550! We sold, customized and coordinated a surprise delivery outside the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Odell Beckham Jr. Surprises baby sister Jazzy with custom Jeep from Dreamworks Motorsports

2018 Jeep Wrangler | Bought, Sold, and Customized for OBJ as a birthday gift for his younger sister.

Brithday gift from Odell Beckham Jr to his Pops, Odell Beckham Sr 🙌 Truck Tuesday 2017 Ford F-250 that matches OBJ's Mercedes CLS63 AMG!

Odell Beckham Jr's matte white Rolls Royce Wraith with rose gold accents all over. We took it all the way apart, and rebuilt to look like this! Then delivered it to him after practice at Metlife Stadium.

OBJ Gets Custom Rolls Royce Wraith Delivered to Metlife Stadium from Roxboro, North Carolina


OBJ’s Mercedes CLS63 AMG