Nothing grabs attention like a distinguished set of wheels and tires. We’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry to give you an endless amount of style, size and finish options to choose from. Our wheel and tire dealers include:

  • Giovanna

  • Lexani

  • Vossen

  • MHT

  • Savini

  • Vellano

  • Forgiato

  • Toyo

  • Pirelli

With our wide variety of products and our experienced wheel technicians, we can offer anything from an aftermarket upgrade on a standard car, to specialty work on your classic car, muscle car, hot rod or street rod. Our wheel packages go up to 34”, giving a full range of size options for any type of vehicle. We also offer staggered wheel packages, as well as lowered wheels for improved handling. No matter what your vision is for your car’s wheels and tires, we can make it a reality.






Giovanna Wheels has been providing some of the industry’s most unique and popular custom wheels and tires since 1997. Combining style and creativity with cutting-edge technology, Giovanna is a leading name in modern luxury wheels. 



Lexani is a custom wheel and tire manufacturer based in Corona, California. Lexani is world-renowned for their high-end contemporary wheels, offering head-turning style and quality to their customers.



Vossen has been providing high-quality performance wheels since the mid-1980s, and has grown into an international powerhouse, servicing over 30 countries worldwide. They provide head-turning rims and wheels at a great cost.



MHT Wheels offers an enormous variety of cast and forged wheels, providing customers with the opportunity to create the perfect look for any kind of vehicle. MHT manufactures some of the biggest names in the wheel industry.


American Racing

American Racing emphasizes innovation to stay at the forefront of the wheel and tire industry. Their unique, modern products provide style and substance to American motorsports across every discipline.



Forgiato is a custom wheel manufacturer based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2002, they’ve established themselves as one of the premier wheel manufacturers in the world. Forgiato takes pride in building and finishing their products in-house using only American parts.


Bridgestone is the largest tire and rubber manufacturer in the world, with locations in over 150 countries and over 143,000 employees. They are one of the most reputable and trusted names in the industry, and offer a wide array of products and parts to meet your requirements and budget.



Savini wheels and rims are widely renowned as some of the most creative and unique designs available. Their custom wheels are either carefully forged or meticulously cast, allowing for unmatched creative freedom.


Nitto tires are designed and manufactured for true car enthusiasts. Founded in 1949, Nitto has found great success in staying on top of consumer trends and building cutting-edge products. Their all-terrain tires offer unrivaled noise reduction and traction in any weather on any surface.

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Michelin is a French tire manufacturer that has grown into one of the most profitable and recognizable names in the industry. Founded way back in 1889, Michelin is one of the longest-standing automotive brands in the world, and is responsible for inventing the removable tire.



Vellano is a premium wheel manufacturer that specializes in luxury and racing performance vehicles. All of their products are forged and CNC machined for optimal aesthetic appeal and efficiency.


US Mags

US Mags is the longest running major custom wheel manufacturer in the country, supplying drivers with quality products since the mid 1960s. Specializing in both vintage and modern wheels, there is a US Mags product to meet any need for any vehicle.



Pirelli was founded in Milan, Italy in 1972, and has transformed into the premier motorsport and high-performance tire manufacturer in the world. A major sponsor for sports competitions for over a century, Pirelli has become synonymous with speed and precision.



Asanti has garnered a reputation for building wheels and rims that are incredibly lightweight and durable, as well as visually stunning. With options ranging from 18” to 34”, Asanti wheels can fit any vehicle and can meet any need.



Toyo is a technology-driven manufacturer that was founded in Japan in 1966, but has since made its way into the United States. Toyo offers a wide range of products, but automobile tires are at the core of its mission.